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Vodafone Netherlands deploys Entone

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-5s7lI2ITa8U/UGnKtrsnSJI/AAAAAAAABog/kmrVI7_zvzU/s1600/Vodafone-.jpgOur business partner Entone, a global leader of Cloud TV and Connected Home solutions, announced that Vodafone Netherlands is partnering with Entone and us, Divitel, for their fibre-based TV services in the Netherlands.

Welcome to Divitel

Divitel is an independent systems integrator and solutions provider, specialised in digital video and telecommunications solutions for the professional broadcast market. In short: we make digital, interactive television happen!

We enable television for the professional broadcast and network operator market, but also the hospitality, industrial and non-profit sector. These markets, our valued customers, increasingly require integrated, cost-effective digital media solutions and independent systems integration.


Divitel provides television to more than 200 million viewers on a day-to-day basis. Traditional television, as well as digital interactive tv on mobiles, laptops, iPads and androids. The company specialises in digital TV distribution networks, broadcast technologies and IPTV.

With a passion and fascination for innovative technology, an enterprising spirit and a twinkle in the eye, the Divitel team design, build, integrate, migrate and maintain client-focused media solutions worldwide. We manage television platforms, which are providing more than 200 million viewers on a day-to-day basis! Those innovative solutions are all made-to-measure, which we truly believe that our clients benefit most from.


Divitel it’s experience and expertise are in the fields of digital TV distribution networks, broadcast technologies (e.G. MMDS and hybrid) and IPTV.

Worldwide we offer media solutions that contribute to your business needs; personal, scalable, future proof, innovative, but above all: with less complexity, less costs and less risks!

Divitel; Vision. Fascination. Video.